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Everything you need to know


Do I need to leave a deposit to book?

Yes, a non-refundable deposit of ⅓ of the final price is taken at the time of booking. The second deposit of another ⅓ of the final price is taken two weeks before the date of your event. The final payment of the final ⅓ is taken 2 days before your rental date. All deposits are non-refundable. If your rental is cancelled due to inclement weather or you need to cancel for any reason prior to your departure, your deposits will be held as a credit. You will have two years in which to use your credit.

The final payment of 15% service charge or 16% food and beverage charge plus applicable taxes is due on the day of your rental, right before your scheduled time. All deposits are non-refundable.

If your rental is cancelled due to inclement weather or you need to cancel for any reason prior to your departure, your deposits will be held as a credit. You will have two years in which to use that credit.

The individual who secured the reservation must present a driver’s license and credit card upon arrival.

How old do I need to be to book?

You must be 21 years old to book a charter experience.

Do I need a boating/captain’s license to book?

No. All of our charter boats come with a licensed captain.

How early do I need to book?

We suggest booking as early as you can as the boats book up quickly. However, you can book up to 24 hours before as long as the boat is available and we have the staff.

Is there an hourly minimum?

Yes. With each boat you must book a minimum of two hours on weekdays and three hours on weekends.

When can I request add-ons?

Add-ons must be chosen at least 5 days before your charter.

How many days before the charter can I cancel?

Cancellations require 15 days’ notice prior to your rental date.

Is tip included in the price?

Yes. A 15% service charge is added into your invoice. However if you’d like to give additional just let us know or you can hand cash to the staff at the end of the charter.


If the weather is bad on the day of my charter can I cancel?

No. It is up to the captain to make the final decision on whether it is safe to go ahead with your charter.

What is classified as bad weather?

We cannot send boats out in thunder, lightning, heavy fog, or heavy rain. If it is lightly raining, you may go out if you choose. We do not cancel yacht bookings due to rain because the yacht has rain covers.

When are decisions regarding weather made?

Weather decisions are made the night before your charter or the day of your charter, depending on the time you have scheduled.

What Can I bring?

Can I bring food or drink on the boat?

Yes, you may bring whatever food and beverages you would like.

Can I bring DJ equipment?

No. The boats’ power supply isn’t strong enough to be able to support DJ equipment.

Are there Bluetooth speakers on the boat?

Yes. Each boat has a surround sound Bluetooth speaker system.

Am I allowed to decorate the boat?

Yes! You are allowed to bring whatever décor you’d like. We also offer the opportunity to have the boat decorated or themed by our event planner. Click here to find out more.

Am I allowed to bring alcohol?

Yes. You are able to bring alcohol on the boat, however if you are wanting to bring more than 1 medium sized bottle of hard liquor or spirits then there is a charge of $9 per person (over the age of 21). This does not include beer, wine, or seltzers.


Can I smoke on board the boat?

All boats have a designated smoking area except the yacht. You are unable to smoke while on board the yacht. However, we require that you be careful when smoking, ash properly, and don’t pollute the water.

Are pets allowed on board?

Yes. However, they are not allowed on any furniture and if any damage is caused you will be held responsible.

Can I cook on the boat?

The tiki boat has a small grill for cooking. Cooking is not allowed on any other boat. We also offer grills for use on land.

Day Of Your Charter

How early should I arrive for my charter?

We suggest arriving at least 30 minutes before your trip in order to give yourselves time to set up and wait for your group.

If I'm late what happens?

We cannot extend or change the time of your trip due to lateness. You will be charged based on the timings of your booking.

Where do I go?

Most often, on Saturdays or Sundays, you will arrive at 1934 Greenwood Lake Turnpike, Hewitt, NJ 07421 one hour before your departure time. Otherwise, you will come to 538 Lakeside Rd. Hewitt, NJ 07421. You will be advised on which parking lot to go to prior to your event date. Please note that 1934 Greenwood Lake Turnpike is not the location of the marina. This is the location of the Greenwood Lake Marina Shuttle, where there is guaranteed parking and our bus will take you to the marina (10 minutes away.) Please have everyone park at this location, since the marina lot is for dock customers only. If you want to drop items off at the boat before parking at the shuttle location, please call for instructions.

Additional Fees

Additional Fuel Charge

There is a fuel surcharge should fuel prices reach $5 per gallon on the lake. This surcharge is calculated at rate of $25 per hour for every dollar over $5.


Cleaning Fee

A cleaning fee of $200 will be taken from the security deposit if rentals and parking lot shuttle are not returned in the same condition, and/or excessive cleaning is required.


If your question hasn’t be answered please feel free to contact us at 973-464-3784

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