Everything you need to know


Do I need to give a deposit to book?

Yes. At the time of booking we require a 33% deposit. Another 33% will be taken 7 days before your rental, and the remaining is taken on the day of the rental.

How old do I need to be to book?

You must be 21 years old to book a charter experience with us.

Do I need a boating/captain’s license to book?

No. All of our charter boats come with a licensed captain.

How early do I need to book?

We suggest booking as early as you can as the boats book up quickly. However, you can book up to 24 hours before as long as the boat is available and we have the staff.

Is there a minimum amount of hours I have to book for?

Yes. With each boat you must book a minimum of two hours.

When do I have the opportunity to add any extras or add ons?

You have up until 5 days before to make the decision on whether you’d like any add ons.

If I need to cancel how long do I have?

If you need to cancel, we require 15 days notice, prior to your rental.

Is tip included in the price?

No. We recommend a 15-20% tip. If no tip is given, 10% is automatically added to the bill. A tip is not optional.


If the weather is bad on the day of my rental can I cancel?

No. It is up to the captain to make the final decision on whether it is safe to go ahead with your rental.

What is classified as bad weather?

We are not able to send boats out in thunder, lightning, heavy fog, or heavy rain. If it is just light rain you are able to go out if desired, and if booked on the yacht we won’t cancel as the yacht has rain covers.

When is the decision made if the weather is supposed to be bad?

Because the weather changes so frequently, the decision on weather is made the night before or the day of depending on the time of your rental.

If my rental is cancelled do I get my deposit back?

No. If we need to cancel your rental due to weather reasons you will get a partial refund, or you have the option to reschedule.

What if it rains during my rental?

If the weather becomes bad during your rental then we have an event space we will move you into.

What Can I bring?

Can I bring food or drink on the boat?

Yes. You are allowed to bring whatever food, drink and beer and wine you’d like.

Can I bring DJ equipment?

No. The boats power supply isn’t strong enough to be able to support DJ equipment.

Is there Bluetooth speakers on board the boat?

Yes. Each boat has a surround sound Bluetooth speaker system built in.

Are there outlets on the boat?

The yacht is the only boat with outlets.

Is there a bathroom on board?

Yes. Each boat has a fully functioning bathroom on board.

Am I allowed to decorate the boat?

Yes! You are allowed to bring whatever décor you’d like. We also offer the opportunity to have the boat decorated or themed by our event planner. Click here to find out more.


Can I smoke on board the boat?

All boats have a designated smoking area except the yacht. You are unable to smoke while on board the yacht. However, we require that you are careful when smoking, ash properly, and don’t pollute the water.

Can I bring liquor?

You are only allowed to bring hard liquor if you are not swimming.

Are pets allowed on board?

Yes. However, they are not allowed on any furniture and if any damage is caused you will be held responsible.

Can I cook on the board?

No. The tiki boat has a designated small grill but no cooking on any other boat.

Day of your rental

How early should I arrive for my rental?

We suggest arriving at least 30 minutes before your trip in order to give yourselves time to set up and wait for your group.

Where do I need to go?

Unless otherwise directed you will go to 634 Jersey Ave, Greenwood Lake, NY, 10925

How many cars am I allowed to bring?

You are allowed a maximum of 6 cars per rental. If there are any extra car’s we have an additional parking lot 10 minutes away that you will need to carpool from. The address for that is 1934 Greenwood Lake Turnpike, Hewitt, NJ, 07421.

If your question hasn’t be answered please feel free to contact us at 973-464-3784