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Cancellation Policy

The perfect day is what we all hope for when you book your rental, but we understand that not every day has perfect weather. For some people, the sun may be too hot or light rain is a problem, but as a rental company, last-minute cancellations are very costly and difficult to rebook if you cancel within a short period of time due to weather predictions. The weather forecast might predict rain and it might not even rain at all, only for a short period of time, or only on part of the lake, but we do understand that weather predictions for your hopefully perfect day may be frustrating.
Our cancellation policy is simple and strict, but fair.
  • The FIRST DEPOSIT 1/3 of your total is taken at the time of booking to secure your date. The first deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE NO MATTER THE CIRCUMSTANCE.
  • The SECOND DEPOSIT 2/3 of your total is taken 14 days before your rental. This is also NON-REFUNDABLE once taken.
  • If you cancel 14 days BEFORE your rental we keep 33% or 1/3 of your total rental, or the deposit.
  • If you cancel within 14 days of your rental we keep 66% or 2/3, the second part of your deposit.
  • The THIRD DEPOSIT, the last 1/3 of your total is taken 48 hours before your rental. This is NON-REFUNDABLE.
  • If you cancel within 2 days we keep the full amount. No exceptions.
  • We do not allow cancellations for less than ideal weather. If the weather is bad due to high winds, lightning, thunder, heavy rainstorms, or any unsafe conditions we will call you to cancel or move your reservation. Cancellations made by our staff due to weather will be able to use their deposits as credit for a reschedule. The decision is up to us for cancellation due to weather.
  • Rescheduling/cancellations/credit use must be done over the phone.
  • We have the right to cancel any rental at any time due to extreme conditions deemed unsafe.
  • We may cancel the trip at any time if we feel the rules of the boat aren’t being respected and no refund is issued.
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